Circle Singing: An Introduction

By Paola Munda / August 24, 2020

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re part of a small community. A small community where everybody has rhythm, harmony, music flowing into their veins. Imagine everybody making a circle and starting to make music. One voice, then another one, and one more, part after part weaving together. A brand new story to tell, born in the…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 17th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 20, 2020

Welcome to another week of education at! On this week’s Education Round-Up, we’re featuring some podcast updates, a call for educators from the AEA, and a couple of selected threads from the (newly named) A Cappella NOW Facebook group. Have a suggestion about additions? Any upcoming educational opportunities you’d like shared? Send a message…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 10th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 16, 2020

Welcome to the start of a regular column at – the Education Round-Up! Every week, the education team will curate a selection of educational content from around the vocal music community. From articles to webinars This week, we’re playing catch-up a little bit with podcasts, sharing a few interesting articles from the last few…

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2020 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Results

By Jessica Chen / April 5, 2020

The following are the results of the 2020 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks everyone for another great awards season! CARAs 2020 Results Special Awards Best Non-Scholastic Debut Album Winner: Mosaik, Männersache Runner-up: Business Casual, Business Casual Best Scholastic Debut Album Winner: Blossom, Mixed Mode (University of Central Florida)…

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CAN 10.4 April 2000

By Deke Sharon / February 20, 2020

In this second installment of the CAN series, CASA Founder Deke Sharon shares a peek into the a cappella community in the year 2000. Enjoy snapshots of Rockapella, Gabe Mann, and John Legend! Let’s take a look back at the CARAs twenty years ago and see what tidbits of history await us! Ah yes, Rockapella.…

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2020 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominees

By Jessica Chen / February 17, 2020

[ CARA Nominees: congratulations! Want to celebrate your nomination with CASA? Come to BOSS! We’ll be celebrating in style with a Red-Carpet Event and live awards presentation! Visit for the details on all of our CARA events, live in Boston on Sunday, April 5th. ] The following are the nominees for the 2020 Contemporary A cappella…

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2020 A Cappella Video Award Results

By Jessica Chen / February 9, 2020

The following are the winners of the 2019/20 A Cappella Video Awards. Congratulations to all the deserving winning artists! Genre Awards Best Classical Video Winner: “Evolution of Chinese Music” by MICappellaRunner-up: “Lady Mine (Bach v. Beethoven)” by Rockapella Best Country Video Winner: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Peter HollensRunner-up: “Broke My Window” by From the Roots Best Electronic…

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Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter 1.1 October 1990

CAN 1.1 October 1990

By Deke Sharon / January 28, 2020

Join CASA Founder Deke Sharon on a trip down memory lane as we revisit the early days of the Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter! Back in 1990 there was no a cappella community, no central watering holes, and no way for people to stay in touch. I dove in and decided to create a way for…

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Deke’s Corner: It’s the Most Lucrative Time of the Year!

By Deke Sharon / December 11, 2019

Seasons come and go, fads fall out of favor, but there’s one thing that never changes in vocal music: December is the month in which groups make the most money. Everyone wants to hear vocal music over the holidays. As a result, pretty much every professional a cappella group’s most successful album is their holiday…

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Bringing Holiday Joy

By Jake Berglin / December 11, 2019

Bringing Holiday Joy by Amanda Cornaglia It’s almost a cliche at this point – you sing year-round, therefore, you carol. How could you resist? People are generous at the holiday and many are willing to shell out some serious cash to be entertained with the likes of Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. Sounds easy,…

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