2021 A Cappella Video Awards Nominees

By Jessica Chen / December 5, 2020

The following are the nominees for the 2021 A Cappella Video Awards. Congratulations to all who participated and good luck to the nominees! The final results will be announced in the first quarter of 2021. Exact details to be determined. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for the CASA newsletter to be the first…

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Strategic Planning For Your A Cappella Group’s Future: Part 1!

By Alex Alberti / October 15, 2020

You’ve done it: you have just auditioned your a cappella group’s next set of talented voices; you’ve found a member to volunteer to serve as your group’s treasurer or business manager; you’ve just released your group’s newest and greatest album. With a plethora of victories and accomplishments in your pocket, the question remains: what next?…

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Circle Singing: A Profile of Bobby McFerrin

By Paola Munda / September 24, 2020

In my first article, I used my own words to explain what circle singing is, and what it means to me. Today, I want to introduce you to this incredible experience using the words of its “founding father.” Bobby McFerrin became famous all over the world for his song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” (even though…

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Education Round-Up: Week of September 14th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / September 18, 2020

Welcome to a relatively light week of education at! On this week’s Education Round-Up, we’re featuring some podcast updates, some useful articles, and a website link for learning how to better record a cappella. Have a suggestion about additions? Any upcoming educational opportunities you’d like shared? Send a message to and we’ll make…

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Tips for Recording and Filming a Virtual Choir!

By Pablo Vega / September 15, 2020

Life as a musician in the middle of a pandemic can mean being flexible and adapting to new methods, and this also is true for a cappella producers! While live performances (and recordings) may be on “pause” right now, there is a renewed interest in virtual choir audio and video recording. These guidelines are suggestions…

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Education Round-Up: Week of September 7th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / September 10, 2020
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A Cappella Books that Deserve a Place on Everyone’s Shelf!

By Jake Berglin / September 7, 2020

When you want to learn something about a cappella, where do you turn? YouTube? Social media? These resources can be fantastic, but their knowledge isn’t permanent – a video can be taken down; a comment thread deleted by moderators. A cappella festivals are another fantastic place to learn, but it can cost quite a pretty…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 31st, 2020

By Jake Berglin / September 3, 2020

Welcome to September at! In this week’s Education Round-Up, what we might lack in podcast episodes and books, we MORE than make up for in educational offerings in the “other news” section. Check out news from Viridian Productions, Acaville Radio, Accent and Cadence below! Have a suggestion about additions? Any upcoming educational opportunities you’d…

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Multitrack Video Resources for A Cappella Directors and Students

By Alex Alberti / August 31, 2020

If you are the director of a scholastic contemporary vocal ensemble, the start of school this fall is undoubtedly unnerving. For years, we have designed our curriculum to train students how to be balanced members of a group. Our classrooms are full of laughter, teamwork, and an electric synergy that drives our ensembles to culminating…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 24th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 27, 2020

Welcome the final week of August! Secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, are starting to “head back” across the US, and making the most of a tough situation is on everyone’s minds. On this week’s Education Round-Up, you’ll find the first in a new series about circle singing, a podcast update, and a…

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