Education Round-Up: Week of August 24th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 27, 2020

Welcome the final week of August! Secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, are starting to “head back” across the US, and making the most of a tough situation is on everyone’s minds. On this week’s Education Round-Up, you’ll find the first in a new series about circle singing, a podcast update, and a…

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Circle Singing: An Introduction

By Paola Munda / August 24, 2020

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re part of a small community. A small community where everybody has rhythm, harmony, music flowing into their veins. Imagine everybody making a circle and starting to make music. One voice, then another one, and one more, part after part weaving together. A brand new story to tell, born in the…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 17th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 20, 2020

Welcome to another week of education at! On this week’s Education Round-Up, we’re featuring some podcast updates, a call for educators from the AEA, and a couple of selected threads from the (newly named) A Cappella NOW Facebook group. Have a suggestion about additions? Any upcoming educational opportunities you’d like shared? Send a message…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 10th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 16, 2020

Welcome to the start of a regular column at – the Education Round-Up! Every week, the education team will curate a selection of educational content from around the vocal music community. From articles to webinars This week, we’re playing catch-up a little bit with podcasts, sharing a few interesting articles from the last few…

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2020 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Results

By Jessica Chen / April 5, 2020

The following are the results of the 2020 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks everyone for another great awards season! CARAs 2020 Results Special Awards Best Non-Scholastic Debut Album Winner: Mosaik, Männersache Runner-up: Business Casual, Business Casual Best Scholastic Debut Album Winner: Blossom, Mixed Mode (University of Central Florida)…

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CAN 10.4 April 2000

By Deke Sharon / February 20, 2020

In this second installment of the CAN series, CASA Founder Deke Sharon shares a peek into the a cappella community in the year 2000. Enjoy snapshots of Rockapella, Gabe Mann, and John Legend! Let’s take a look back at the CARAs twenty years ago and see what tidbits of history await us! Ah yes, Rockapella.…

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2020 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominees

By Jessica Chen / February 17, 2020

[ CARA Nominees: congratulations! Want to celebrate your nomination with CASA? Come to BOSS! We’ll be celebrating in style with a Red-Carpet Event and live awards presentation! Visit for the details on all of our CARA events, live in Boston on Sunday, April 5th. ] The following are the nominees for the 2020 Contemporary A cappella…

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2020 A Cappella Video Award Results

By Jessica Chen / February 9, 2020

The following are the winners of the 2019/20 A Cappella Video Awards. Congratulations to all the deserving winning artists! Genre Awards Best Classical Video Winner: “Evolution of Chinese Music” by MICappellaRunner-up: “Lady Mine (Bach v. Beethoven)” by Rockapella Best Country Video Winner: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Peter HollensRunner-up: “Broke My Window” by From the Roots Best Electronic…

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Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter 1.1 October 1990

CAN 1.1 October 1990

By Deke Sharon / January 28, 2020

Join CASA Founder Deke Sharon on a trip down memory lane as we revisit the early days of the Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter! Back in 1990 there was no a cappella community, no central watering holes, and no way for people to stay in touch. I dove in and decided to create a way for…

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Deke’s Corner: It’s the Most Lucrative Time of the Year!

By Deke Sharon / December 11, 2019

Seasons come and go, fads fall out of favor, but there’s one thing that never changes in vocal music: December is the month in which groups make the most money. Everyone wants to hear vocal music over the holidays. As a result, pretty much every professional a cappella group’s most successful album is their holiday…

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