Established in 2020, the A Cappella for All Scholarship fund seeks to overcome financial barriers for groups so that they can learn, compete, share, and inspire in the festival setting so many have known and loved. This scholarship fund is facilitated by The Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) in partnership with Harmony Foundation International.

We are excited to continue offering ticket scholarship opportunities for BOSS 2024, taking place in Boston, MA April 19–21. If you are interested in applying for scholarship funds on behalf of your group or for yourself individually, fill out the form below!

All scholarship applications for BOSS 2024 are due by January 26 at 5pm PT.

Interested in contributing to this worthy cause? Visit our giving page by clicking the button below.


Interested in applying for scholarship tickets to BOSS 2024 for you or your group? You've come to the right place! As a first step, fill out the form below and let us know all about you and your group, if applicable. Our Scholarship Committee made up of 5 individuals from across CASA's programs will review your submission and determine the recipients for this festival.

All scholarship applications for BOSS 2024 are due by Jan 26 at 5pm PT.

While we are beyond excited to offer this opportunity, funds are limited and depend on donations received. If for any reason you aren't selected for a scholarship for this specific festival, we sincerely hope you will apply again in the future!

Questions? Email us at [email protected]!