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The CASA Collegiate Chapter Program is an exciting new initiative to connect the A Cappella groups on your campus to the wider A Cappella community. Whether your campus has two groups or fifteen, becoming alocal chapter of the Contemporary A Cappella Society means support from CASA, discounts, and exclusive benefits. Apply now, or scroll down to learn more!

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The CASA Collegiate Chapter Program connects the collegiate a cappella groups on your campus to each other, and to the larger a cappella community. CASA Collegiate chapters enjoy direct lines of communication to the CASA board, and exclusive benefits and discounts. Through this program, entire collegiate a cappella “scenes" become members of the CASA community, allowing you to network with other collegiate chapters and access CASA resources that will be integral group success and longevity.

The program was initiated in the fall of 2019 at the University of Central Florida, our “Alpha" chapter. CASA collegiate chapters receive discounts on All-Access Passes to CASA festivals, a monthly newsletter, access to the CASA Slack with channels for your college and between colleges, as well as many other resources provided by CASA (including a custom e-mail address!).


Collegiate chapters are made up of the members of multiple a cappella ensembles at one college/university, and they exist to facilitate connections between a cappella groups on campus, with other collegiate chapters around the country, and with the larger a cappella community.

Collegiate chapter ensembles receive a 10% discount on their All-Access Pass to one of the three yearly CASA festivals (SoJam, LAAF, or BOSS) as well as access to newsletters which showcase collegiate chapter activities and provide tips for group success. In addition to any on-campus advisors, collegiate chapters are also assigned a CASA Relationship Manager, who will provide a direct connection to the a cappella community outside of their campus. Ensembles also receive access to an e-mail address and to the CASA Slack, including an exclusive collegiate chapters-only channel.

For only $50 per ensemble per year, the cost to become a chapter is very cheap - just a few dollars per person! Groups that attend CASA Festivals will more than recoup their money.

As little (or as much) as you decide on as a chapter. Beyond a bit of paperwork at the beginning and the end of the year, CASA won’t require you to do anything throughout the course of the year. Successful chapters will likely decide (in consultation with their advisors) how they want to function within their campus community and outside it. Chapters might decide to organize events with area secondary schools, attend a CASA festival, or plan joint concerts. How much work is involved is entirely up to you.

We strongly recommend meeting on an approximately monthly basis, but it’s not required in order to maintain chapter status. We do require at least one primary student contact (in addition to an advisor) and while having an executive board might be the easiest way to ensure a strong chapter, it’s not a requirement.

No, but we hope to offer discounts and incentives so that you will choose to become an individual member—and continue to be when you graduate!

Nope! We enjoy a wide variety of events and opportunities in the wider a cappella community, and we hope you will, too.

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The Collegiate Chapter Program is an exciting new initiative that brings more connection and community to the collegiate a cappella scene. If this sounds like a great fit for your group or something you'd like to know more about, fill out the form below and let us know a bit of information about your group. We'll be in touch soon!

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