Strategic Planning For Your A Cappella Group’s Future: Part 2!

By Alex Alberti / February 22, 2021

You’ve done it: you have just auditioned your a cappella group’s next set of talented voices; you have found a member to volunteer to serve as your group’s treasurer or business manager; you have just released your group’s newest and greatest album. With a plethora of victories and accomplishments in your pocket, the question remains:…

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Education Round-Up: Week of August 24th, 2020

By Jake Berglin / August 27, 2020

Welcome the final week of August! Secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, are starting to “head back” across the US, and making the most of a tough situation is on everyone’s minds. On this week’s Education Round-Up, you’ll find the first in a new series about circle singing, a podcast update, and a…

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Bringing Holiday Joy

By Jake Berglin / December 11, 2019

Bringing Holiday Joy by Amanda Cornaglia It’s almost a cliche at this point – you sing year-round, therefore, you carol. How could you resist? People are generous at the holiday and many are willing to shell out some serious cash to be entertained with the likes of Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. Sounds easy,…

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