Circle Singing

Circle Singing: A Profile of Bobby McFerrin

By Paola Munda / September 24, 2020

In my first article, I used my own words to explain what circle singing is, and what it means to me. Today, I want to introduce you to this incredible experience using the words of its “founding father.” Bobby McFerrin became famous all over the world for his song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” (even though…

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Circle Singing: An Introduction

By Paola Munda / August 24, 2020

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re part of a small community. A small community where everybody has rhythm, harmony, music flowing into their veins. Imagine everybody making a circle and starting to make music. One voice, then another one, and one more, part after part weaving together. A brand new story to tell, born in the…

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