Ask Deke: How do I find existing groups?

Q: Is it possible to join a group that's already established? If so, how would I go about locating them in MN?

- Tracy

A: Hi Tracy

Indeed, it’s possible to join a group that’s already established. In fact, Pentatonix is looking for a bass right now, if you’re not averse to some serious hormone therapy…

But seriously, there are many options open to you:

The Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) has many groups across the US, and more forming every month.

Sweet Adelines International has a great online search engine to help find your local chorus (note that Harmony Incorporated also has choirs across the US, but none in MN) (and for guys, check the Barbershop Harmony Society).

Drop by local a cappella festivals, such as Southeastern Minnesota A Cappella Festival.

Plus local colleges will have invitational concerts at which you can not only enjoy yourself but network with seniors and recent graduates to see if any have started a group or are interested in doing so.

There’s a great Twin Cities facebook group with over 700 members who can help you network and let you know about other groups not covered above.

For anyone out there who is wondering how I conjured all of this out of thin air, all of this is pretty easily findable online. There is so much going on in the vocal harmony world at many levels: scholastic, amateur and pro. Large groups and small groups, casual to full time. I can’t guarantee you’ll find exactly the kind of group you’re looking for right away, and the ideal fit might mean you need to help start a group, but if you do so, for a little extra work you can have exactly the kind of group you’re hoping for (if you do, contact CAL above, they’ll get you off to a great start).

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