2007 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Results

CARA 2007 Winners


Contemporary Pop/Rock Album

Winner: Transit – Transit
Runner-Up: Get Down Mr. President! – The House Jacks

Contemporary Pop/Rock Original

Winner: I Shall Be Free – Kid Beyond from Amplivate
Runner-Up: Whispers – Transit from Transit

Contemporary Pop/Rock Cover

Winner: Home – Transit from Transit
Runner-Up: Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Bout You – Firedrill! from Fd!

Jazz Album

Winner: M-Pact – M-Pact
Runner-Up: Out of Bounds – Rajaton

Jazz Song

Winner: Joy To The World – Groove for Thought from Groove for Thought
Runner-Up: Night and Day – M-Pact from M-Pact

Barbershop Album

Winner: Ain’t That A Kick – Realtime
Runner-Up: At Last – Gotcha!

Barbershop Song

Winner: Come Fly With Me – Realtime from Ain’t That A Kick
Runner-Up: Play That Barbershop Chord – Gotcha! from At Last

Religious Album

Winner: Radiance – Acappella  Company
Runner-Up: For All You’ve Done – Broken

Religious Song

Winner: All Men Will Know – Acappella from Radiance
Runner-Up: People Get Ready – Durant from Ride

Folk/World Album

Winner: Views from an Urban Jungle – Akasa
Runner-Up: Brasil A cappella – Perseptom

Folk/World Song

Winner: Mitä Kaikatat, Kivonen? (2006 Version)- Rajaton from Out of Bounds
Runner-Up: Anunciacao – Perseptom from Brasil A Cappella

Humor Song

Winner: Tall Dark and Handsome – Vote for Pedro  from Cocktail Napkin
Runner-Up: I Got Mail – The Richter Scales from We Hate A Cappella


Scholastic Original

Winner: Nevermind – by Joseph Bates and Andrew Booth of Duke Pitchforks from Bring It Back
Runner-Up: Setup For The Fall – by Robert Dietz of Ascending Height  from Turn It Up

Mixed Collegiate Album

Winner: Voices In the Attic– Suffolk U. Ramifications
Runner-Up: Kenophobia – UPenn Off The Beat

Mixed Collegiate Song

Winner: Goodnight And Go – Suffolk U. Ramifications from Voices in the Attic
Runner-Up: When I Get You Alone – USC SoCal VoCals from Get In. Rock. Get Out.

Mixed Collegiate Solo

Winner: David Rakita for When I Get You Alone – USC SoCal VoCals from Get In. Rock. Get Out.
Runner-Up: Shalisha Francis for How Many Times – Duke Rhythm & Blue from With The Windows Down

Mixed Collegiate Arrangement

Winner: Heirloom  by Kai Koschmider  – York College Wibi from 20/20 Hearing
Runner-Up: Such Great Heights by Matt Emery – Duke Rhythm & Blue from With The Windows Down

Male Collegiate Album

Winner: Bring It Back – Duke Pitchforks
Runner-Up: Abbeys Road – Boston U. Dear Abbeys

Male Collegiate Song

Winner: Hysteria – Duke Pitchforks from Bring It Back
Runner-Up: Baba O’Riley – BU Dear Abbeys from Abbeys Road

Male Collegiate Solo

Winner: Chris Vu for Part Time Lover – MIT Logarhythms  from Natural
Runner-Up: Victor Sandman for Kiss and Say Goodbye – BU Dear Abbeys from Abbeys Road

Male Collegiate Arrangement

Winner: Baba O’Riley by Victor Sandman – BU Dear Abbeys from Abbeys Road
Runner-Up: Come Clean by Ben Mertz – U. of Richmond Octaves from Shotgun

Female Collegiate Album

Winner: 99 Problems, but a Pitch Ain’t One – UGA Noteworthy
Runner-Up: Downstairs – UNC Loreleis

Female Collegiate Song

Winner: Hear Me Out – UGA Noteworthy from 99 Problems, but a Pitch Ain’t One
Runner-Up: Hysteria  – UNC Loreleis from Downstairs

Female Collegiate Solo

Winner: Anne Foster for Broken Wing – UVA Silhooettes from To Homer and Back
Runner-Up: Casey Branch for Wonderwall– UGA Noteworthy from 99 Problems, but a Pitch Ain’t One

Female Collegiate Arrangement

Winner: Holding Out for A Hero by Melanie Leinbach – UVA Hoo’s In Treble from Amped
Runner-Up: Candleburn by Kat Dunbar – UNC Loreleis from Downstairs

High School Album

Winner: Turn It Up – Ascending Height
Runner-Up: Will Sing For Pants – InToneNation

High School Song

Winner: Step – Ascending Height from Turn It Up
Runner-Up: Smooth Operator – InToneNation from Will Sing For Pants



The 2007 CARA coordinators were Julia Hoffman and Jon Pilat. This year, they chose about 60 fans and performers of varied backgrounds to spend months considering each of the albums submitted to the CARAs. Anyone holding a current or former affiliation with a group or album under consideration is not allowed to take part in the consideration of that award.

Thank you all for your many hours of work! You are much appreciated!