2006 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominees

CARA Nominees 2006

Following are the nominees for the 2006 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards. Congratulations to all who participated, and good luck to the nominees! The winners will be announced on April 1, right here on www.casa.org 


Artist of the Year

  • Jorge Drexler, for winning an Oscar (Best Original Song) for his a cappella song "Al Otro Lado del Rio" from "The Motorcycle Diaries"
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo, for winning a Grammy (Best Traditional World Music Album) for "Raise Your Spirit Higher"
  • Petra Hayden, for making an all a cappella recording of the Who’s classic album “The Who Sells Out.” The album got a lot of media attention, including a piece on NPR, which caused the record label to completely sell out of the recording.
  • Spiralmouth, for creating the soundtrack to Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity (Nintendo Gamecube)

Contemporary Pop/Rock Album

  • Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella –Dark Side A Cappella
  • Fitchy & Grikko – The House Jacks
  • Revocation – S.T.C.
  • Route 6 – Hyannis Sound
  • Twenty for One – Cadence

Contemporary Pop/Rock Original

  • Revocation – S.T.C. from Revocation
  • Don’t Fix What’s Broken – Cadence from Twenty for One
  •  Summer Sunday – Four Shadow from Four
  •  This Man’s Pride – The House Jacks from Fitchy & Grikko
  • The Prime Time Blues – The Real Group from In The Middle of Life

Contemporary Pop/Rock Cover

  • Hide and Seek – Transit from hide and seek
  • I Wish – vox one from Pure Imagination
  • Kyrie – Four Shadow from Four
  • Love Train – Hyannis Sound from Route 6
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – maybebop from Immer Für Dich Da

Jazz Album

  • A Cappella – Groove Society
  • An A Cappella Trek – Voice Trek
  • In The Middle Of Life – The Real Group
  • Pure Imagination – vox one

Jazz Song

  • Summertime – Groove Society from A Cappella
  • Take Five – Voice Trek from An A Cappella Trek
  •  The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines – Cadence from Twenty For One
  •  Words – The Real Group from The In The Middle Of Life

Classical Album

  • Eclectric – Chicago A Cappella
  • Incessament – Ensemble Amarcord
  • Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland – Ensemble Amarcord
  • Shall I Compare Thee: Choral Songs on Shakespeare Texts – Chicago A Cappella

Classical Song

  •  Discendi, O Sonno Vago – Cantabile from Lullabyes And Goodbyes
  • Sanctus Incessament – Ensemble Amarcord from Incessament
  • Sanctus – Chicago A Cappella from Eclectric
  • Sic Deus Dilexit – Ensemble Amarcord from Incessament

Doo-Wop Album

  • A Cappella Cool – The Mighty Echoes
  • A Christmas Long Ago – The Alley Cats
  • Doo Wop Gold – The 17th Ave All-Stars

Doo-Wop Song

  • I Only Have Eyes For You – The Mighty Echoes from A Cappella Cool
  • Lonely Teardrops – The 17th Ave All-Stars from Doo Wop Gold
  • Love Is A Many Splendored Thing – The Mikes from The Mikes
  • Runaway – Showvinistics from My Heart

Barbershop Album

  • I Wanna Be Around – The Rounders
  • Paper or Plastic? – State Line Grocery
  • The Sky’s the Limit – The Northern Lights

Barbershop Song

  • Alabamy Bound – The Northern Lights from The Sky’s the Limit
  • I Wanna Be Around – The Rounders from I Wanna Be Around
  • The Glory of Love – State Line Grocery from Paper or Plastic?
  • Yes Sir, That’s My Baby – Heart of Texas Chorus from Inspiration From the Heart

Religious Album

  • Bound for Glory – Great Northern Union
  • Six13 – Six13
  • Worship – Octapella
  • You Raise Me Up – Vocal Majority Chorus

Religious Song

  • Amazing Grace – ManSound from Joy to the World
  • Anthem to My King – Octapella from Worship
  • If Ye Loved Me – Great Northern Union from Bound for Glory
  • Lecha Dodi – Six13 from Six13

Folk/World Album

  • Här Är Passion – Riltons Vänner
  • Kol Zimra Sings the Music of Abie Rotenberg – Kol Zimra
  • Musik Mulut – Jamaica Café
  • Then & Now – SoVoSó

Folk/World Song

  • Hari Yang Indah – Jamiaca Café from Music Mulut
  • Kind of A 3- Vox One from Pure Imagination
  • U’vnay Yerushalayim – Kol Zimra from Kol Zimra Sings the Music of Abie Rotenberg
  • Wanting Memories – SoVoSó from Then & Now

Holiday Album

  • Gift – Pieces of 8
  • Jingles 2 – Voice Male
  • Joy to the World – ManSound
  • Weihnacht – maybebop

Holiday Song

  • A Christmas Long Ago – The Alley Cats from A Christmas Long Ago
  • Let It Snow – maybebop from Weihnacht
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Voice Male from Jingles 2
  • Sugar Plum Fairy – SoVoSó from Crack the Nut!

Humor Song

  • Blankets and Pie – Four Shadow from Four
  • Boheimishe Rhapsody – SUNY Binghamton Kaskeset  from Drop It Like It’s Treif
  • Harry Potter – moosebutter from Udder Won
  • The Reason – Academical is Not a Word from UVA Academical Village People


Scholastic Original

  • Scrum – by Greg Barkett University of Oregon On the Rocks from Full Coverage
  • Mind Burn – by Robert Dietz of Ascending Height  from If This Is Right
  • Say Goodnight – by Barry Ryan of University of Illinois Xtension Chords from Instrumentally Challenged
  • When I Look Into Your Eyes – by John Callaway and Matt Irwin of Clemson TIGEROAR from All In
  • Impermanent – by John King of USC Reverse Osmosis Purity Guaranteed EMAIL THEM!

Mixed Collegiate Album

  • …And Three Wishes – Harvard Callbacks
  • Antiqued – Boston College Bostonians
  • Fake Instruments – Boston College Acoustics
  • Float– UPenn Off the Beat
  • Shadowplay – Stanford Harmonics

Mixed Collegiate Song

  • Flicks – Tufts sQ! from Overnight Delivery
  • You Dance – BC Bostonians from Antiqued
  • So Cold – U Penn Off The Beat from Float
  • Don’t Change Your Plans – Harvard Callbacks from …And Three Wishes
  • I’m Your Baby Tonight – BC Acoustics from Fake Instruments

Mixed Collegiate Solo

  • Bryan Tan for The Memory Remains – Stanford Harmonics from Shadowplay
  • Janice Oxley for Brown Skin – Yale Shades from Sankofa
  • John Creegan for Always – BC Bostonians  from Antiqued
  • Maria Spear for Blues In the Night – U. of Michigan Dicks and Janes from The See Dick. See Jane. CD.
  • Tony Chin-Quee for Ain't No Sunshine – Harvard Callbacks from …And Three Wishes

Mixed Collegiate Arrangement

  • Change the World by Tony Chin-Quee  – Harvard Callbacks from …And Three Wishes
  • Have You Met Miss Jones by Roel Van Lanen – U. of Michigan Dicks and Janes from See Dick. See Jane. CD.
  • Hold On by Melesa Johnston – BC Acoustics from Fake Instruments
  • Open Your Heart by Amy Buchwach – BC Bostonians from Antiqued
  • So Cold by Jake Cooper – U Penn Off the Beat from Float

Male Collegiate Album

  • Academical is not a Word – UVA Academical Village People
  • Corner Pocket – U. of Richmond Octaves
  • Facing Clarence – UNC Clef Hangers
  • Full Coverage – U. of Oregon On The Rocks
  • Shedding – Tufts Beezlebubs

Male Collegiate Song

  • Crazy Train – UNC Clef Hangers from Facing Clarence
  • For Me This Is Heaven – U. of Richmond Octaves from Corner Pocket
  • Kyrie – U. of Oregon On The Rocks from Full Coverage
  • Let's Get It Started – Tufts Beelzebubs from Shedding
  • September '04 – Cornell University Last Call from Straight Up

Male Collegiate Solo

  • Andrew Savini for Epiphany – Tufts Beelzebubs from Shedding
  • Anoop Desai for She Will Be Loved – UNC Clef Hangers from Facing Clarence
  • Brent Oltz for Up On the Roof – U. of Wisconsin MadHatters from Friday After Class
  • Mike Olcott for Superstition – Middlebury College Dissipated Eight from Out of the Ashes
  • Peter Hollens for Kyrie – U. of Oregon On The Rocks from Full Coverage

Male Collegiate Arrangement

  • Cry Me A River by Josh Klatz – U. of Oregon On The Rocks from Full Coverage
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Travis Marshall – Tufts Beelzebubs from Shedding
  • September ‘04 by Hong Tat Tong– Cornell Last Call from Straight Up
  • Superstition by Matt Harrison – JMU Madison Project from The Khaki Album
  • The Scientist by James Gammon – UVA Academical Village People from Academical Is Not A Word

Female Collegiate Album

  • Big Ugly Birds – USC Sirens
  • Down for the Ride – Indiana U. Ladies First
  • Incognita – UCLA Random Voices
  • Undivided – University of Oregon Divisi
  • Walk On – Duke Out of the Blue

Female Collegiate Song

  • Amsterdam  – Elon U. Sweet Signatures from Pitch Black
  • Crumbs – USC Sirens from Big Ugly Birds
  • Devils and Angels – Duke Out of the Blue from Walk On
  • When Doves Cry – UCLA Random Voices from Incognita
  • Yeah – U. of Oregon Divisi from Undivided

Female Collegiate Solo

  • Danielle Aladjadjian for If I Ain’t Got You – UCLA Random Voices from Incognita
  • Kali Smith for Time Is Running Out – USC Sirens from Big Ugly Birds
  • Katie Hopkins for Queen of the Night – U. of Oregon Divisi from Undivided
  • Mor Hall for Mama – JMU BluesTones from On the Rocks
  • Sarah Schmidt for Hero – Indiana U. Ladies First from Down For the Ride

Female Collegiate Arrangement

  • Between by Tina Lin – UCLA Random Voices from Incognita
  • Breathe by Tina Lin – UCLA Random Voices from Incognita
  • Crumbs by Cathryn Masuda – USC Sirens from Big Ugly Birds
  • Stupid by Jackie Ou – Duke Out of the Blue from Walk On
  • Yeah by Evynne Smith – U. of Oregon Divisi from Undivided

High School Album

  • Don’t Worry Be Happy – Joint Sound
  • Heavenly – 5-Alone
  • If This Is Right – Ascending Height
  • T.A.G. We’re It – The A Cappella Group

High School Song

  • Bring Me To Life – The A Cappella Group from T.A.G. We’re It
  • Superman – Ascending Height from If This Is Right
  • Thousand Things – 5 Alone from Heavenly
  • Woman’s Work – Joint Sound from Don’t Worry Be Happy

The 2005 CARA coordinators were Julia Hoffman and Jon Pilat. This year, they chose 57 fans and performers of varied backgrounds to spend months considering each of the albums submitted to the CARAs. Anyone holding a current or former affiliation with a group or album under consideration is not allowed to take part in the consideration of that award.

The 57 nominators included: Jason Ardell, Darrell Belch, Chin Hau Boon, Kurt Boutin, Hayley Cammarata, Greg Campbell, Kristina Celario, Brian Chambers, Mark Chen, Hyunil Choi, Denise Cook, Thomas Czerwinski, Ben D'Angelo, Sophia Dai, Michael DeLaura, Jason Dennis, Kevin Doherty, Joshua Duchan, Ben Ferguson, Reena Freedman, Ariel Glassman, Ian Goldstein, Darrin Gowan, Tiffany Haigler, Julia Hoffman, Pete Hollens, Robert Hooper, Jared Irish, Thomas King, Elie Landau, Gei-Tai Lin, Brian Michaels, Jennifer Nycz, Ahren Okamoto, Jon Pilat, Rob Powers, Gautam Raghavan, Sindre Saebo, Paul Sale, Michael Santos,  Christopher Saulnier, Joe Scattergood, Cal Sexton, Maxine Sharavsky, Paul Sinasohn, Corey Slutsky, Jevan Soo, Lyle Southam, Stuart Spencer, Dave Stadtmauer, Randi Stanley, John Sullivan, Paul Toms , Tyler Trepp, Kurt Walker, Janet Wing, Paul Wolf

Thank you all for your many hours of work! You are much appreciated!