2005 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominees

The wait is over! Following are the nominations for the 2005 Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards. Look for the winners here on April 1,2005.Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck to our judges who have their work cut out for them with so much wonderful material to listen to!

Artist of the Year

  • Björk - for daring to crossover to a cappella from the mainstream with her album,“Medulla,”and for the immortal quote “Instruments are so over.”
  • Naturally 7 - for their #1 hit in Germany (with Sarah Connor), getting signed to Sony (Germany) and releasing 2 cds and a DVD!
  • The Magnets - for opening for Tom Jones on his UK summer tour, thus exposing a whole new legion of fans to a cappella
  • Toxic Audio - for bringing their a cappella stylings to their very own off-Broadway show,“Loudmouth,”for which they won a 2004 Drama Desk Award(“Unique Theatrical  Experience”)


Contemporary Pop/Rock Album

  • Duwende – Radio Screaming
  • Flying Pickets – Everyday
  • MuSix – Everything We Want
  • Rock4 – Crazy English Summer
  • Similar Jones – Can’t Get There From Here

Contemporary Pop/Rock Original

  • “Change Face” – Ball In The House (from Think About It)
  • “I Fall” – Duwende (from Radio Screaming)
  • “Let Me Ride” – Lunatic Groove (from Lunatic Groove)
  • “The Less You Say” – Staticflow (from Staticflow)
  • “Where Is The Line” – Björk (from Medulla)

Contemporary Pop/Rock Cover

  • “Canned Heat” – MuSix (from Everything We Want)
  • “Dust In The Wind” – Acappella (from Heaven and Earth)
  • “Grandma’s Hands” – Similar Jones (from Can’t Get There From Here)
  • “I Wish” – M-Pact (from Live at the Triple Door)
  • “Stayin’ Alive” – 4:2:Five (from Unstoppable)

Jazz Album

  • Chapter 6 – Swing Shift
  • Idea of North – Evidence
  • Pieces of 8 – Across the Blue Meridian
  • Sixth Wave – It Will Come To You

Jazz Song

  • “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” – Chapter 6 (from Swing Shift)
  • “Music of the Spheres (Gershwin Piano Prelude No.1)” – Pieces of 8 (from Across the Blue Meridian)
  • “Nature Boy” – ManSound (from If It’s Magic)
  • “Rachel” – Idea of North (from Evidence)

Classical Album

  • Calmus Ensemble – Carmina Fati
  • Lumen Valo – Adoratio
  • Orlando Consort – Antoine Busnois Missa O Crux Lignum
  • Trio Mediaeval –Soir, Dit-elle

Classical Song

  • “Deo Gracias” – Lumen Valo (from Adoratio)
  • “Laudatio Domini - Vox Domini” – Lumen Valo (from Adoratio)
  • “Madrigal II” – Calmus Ensemble (from Carmini Fati)
  • “O Ignis Spiritus Paracliti” – Anonymous 4 (from The Origin of Fire)

Doo-Wop Album

  • One-A-Chord – Shades of the Past
  • The Encounters – Romantic Encounters
  • The Goldtones – Streetcorner Gold: A cappella Doo-Wop

Doo-Wop Song

  • “This I Swear” – The Goldtones (from Streetcorner Gold: A cappella Doo-Wop)
  • “Up On the Mountain” – The Encounters (from Romantic Encounters)
  • “What’s Your Name” – One-A-Chord (from Shades of the Past)

Barbershop Album

  • 12th Street Rag – Our Souls Rejoice!
  • Michigan Jake – How Rhythm Was Born
  • Realtime – Four Brothers
  • The Buzz – Have You Heard

Barbershop Song

  • “Once Upon a Time” – The Buzz (from Have You Heard)
  • “Sugarcane Jubilee” – Revival (from Joyfully, I’ll Travel On)
  • “That’s How Rhythm Was Born” – Michigan Jake (from How Rhythm Was Born)
  • “Yesterday I Heard The Rain” – Realtime (from Four Brothers)

Religious Album

  • Acappella – Heaven and Earth
  • Chanticleer – How Sweet The Sound
  • Undivided – Conectate
  • Vocal Union – All Around Me

Religious Song

  • “Didn’t It Rain” – Chanticleer (from How Sweet The Sound)
  • “Livin Love” – Vocal Union (from All Around Me)
  • “Oh Que Amigo nos es Christo” – Undivided (from Conectate)
  • “War With Myself” – Acappella (from Heaven and Earth)

Folk/World Album

  • Banana Boat – A Morze tak, a moze nie
  • Br6 – Musica Popular Brasileira
  • Julian Spizz – Incipit
  • Zulal – Zulal

Folk/World Song

  • “Arktyka”- Banana Boat (from A Morze tak, a moze nie)
  • “BÉsame Mucho” – Voz En Punto (from México A Capella)
  • “DisfarÇa E Chora” – Br6 (from Musica Popular Brasileira)
  • “Tu Gitana” – Segue Me A capela (from Segue Me A capela)

Holiday Album

  • BaSix – ChristmasTime
  • Blue Line Max – Blue Line Max
  • InPulse – Shed A Little Light
  • Naturally 7 – Christmas…It’s A Love Story

Holiday Song

  • “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – BaSix (from ChristmasTime)
  • “Let It Snow” – Denver A Cappella Project (from Please Have Snow)
  • “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” – Naturally 7 (from Christmas…It’s A Love Story)
  • “Winter Wonderland” – Blue Line Max (from Blue Line Max)

Humor Song

  • “Blackbird Parody” – Hi-Fidelity (from Almost Live)
  • “I Wanna Be A Republican” – Kinsey Sicks (from I Wanna Be A Republican)
  • “Teen Angst” – The Stanford Fleet Street Singers (from Fleet Street)
  • “Wizard of Oz Medley” – Chapter 6  (from Swing Shift)


Mixed Collegiate Album

  • Northwestern University Purple Haze – Streaked
  • Stanford University Everyday People – Lovespeak
  • Tufts University Amalgamates – Stopping for Breakfast
  • University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat – Burn Like A Roman Candle
  • University of Southern California SoCal VoCals – The SoCal VoCals

Mixed Collegiate Song

  • “Everlong” – Tufts Amalgamates (from Stopping for Breakfast)
  • “Ga’agua” – Tufts Shir Appeal (from Transliteration)
  • “Chop Suey” – U Penn Off The Beat (from Burn Like A Roman Candle)
  • “Slumber” – USC SoCal VoCals (from The SoCal VoCals)
  • “For Me This is Heaven” – University of Texas Ransom Notes (from The Sky Is Falling)

Mixed Collegiate Solo

  • Cindy Lau for “Save Your Love For Me” – Stanford Everyday People  (from Lovespeak)
  • James Snyder for “Fire In Your Hand” – USC SoCal VoCals (from The SoCal VoCals)
  • Mike Mahler for “The Remedy” – Northwestern Purple Haze (from Streaked)
  • Morgan McOwen for “Going Under” – U Penn Off The Beat (from Burn Like A Roman Candle)
  • Whitney Bashor for “Soar” – University of Michigan Amazin’ Blue (from Self Titled)

Mixed Collegiate Arrangement

  • “Angel” by Joshua Duchan and Kate Bowerman – University of Michigan Amazin’ Blue (from Self Titled)
  • “Paranoid Android” by Ethan Fixell – U Penn Off The Beat (from Burn Like A Roman Candle)
  • “Toxic” by Mike Mahler – Northwestern Purple Haze (from Streaked)
  • “Tragic Kingdom” by Michael Vu – Johns Hopkins Octopodes (from Shot of Blue)
  • “Underground” by Adam Blain – USC SoCal VoCals (from The SoCal VoCals)

Male Collegiate Album

  • Dartmouth College Aires – Impaired
  • Duke University Pitchforks – Honestly
  • MIT Logarhythms – Soundproof
  • SUNY Binghamton Crosbys – Crabs and Tartar Sauce
  • University of Virginia Hullabahoos – Jacked.

Male Collegiate Song

  • “Cry Me A River” – UVA Hullabahoos (from Jacked.)
  • “Mama” – SUNY Binghamton Crosbys (from Crabs and Tartar Sauce)
  • “Pillar of Davidson” – Dartmouth College Aires (from Impaired)
  • “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” – Stanford Mendicants (from Mendication)
  • “Write Me A Song” – Duke Pitchforks (from Honestly)

Male Collegiate Solo

  • Chris Vu for “I Wish” – MIT Logarhythms (from Soundproof)
  • Evan Behlhivanis for “Mama” – SUNY Binghamton Crosbys (from Crabs and Tartar Sauce)
  • Ricky Cole for “Ask the Lonely” – Dartmouth College Aires (from Impaired)
  • Russell Bloodworth for “Cry Me A River” – UVA Hullabahoos (from Jacked.)
  • T Patterson for “Tell Me Something Good” – Amherst Zumbeyes (from Sputnik)

Male Collegiate Arrangement

  • “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Joseph Bates – Duke Pitchforks (from Honestly)
  • “Learn To Fly” by Karl Erdmann – MIT Logarhythms (from Soundproof)
  • “Mad World” by Brian Kim – Yale Whiffenpoofs (from Subtly Different)
  • “Right Now” by Mike Boxer – SUNY Binghamton Crosbys (from Crabs and Tartar Sauce)
  • “Pillar of Davidson” by Ian Storey and Chris Masone – Dartmouth College Aires (from Impaired)

Female Collegiate Album

  • Tufts University Jackson Jills – Headcase
  • University of California, Los Angeles Random Voices – Danger: Curves Ahead
  • University of North Carolina Loreleis – Take a Big Whiff!
  • University of Southern California Sirens – Tied to the Mast
  • University of Virginia Sil’Hooettes – Tangled

Female Collegiate Song

  • “A Sorta Fairytale” – UCLA Random Voices (from Danger: Curves Ahead)
  • “Clocks” – Stanford Counterpoint (from Studio Confessions)
  • “Glory Box” – USC Sirens (from Tied to the Mast)
  • “Mother Mother “ – UNC Loreleis (from Take a Big Whiff!)
  • “Woodstock” – University of Oregon Divisi (from Red Hot)

Female Collegiate Solo

  • Anne Foster for “Where Would You Be” – UVA Sil’Hooettes (from Tangled)
  • Danielle Aladjadjian for “Thank You” – UCLA Random Voices (from Danger: Curves Ahead)
  • Elizabeth Wright for “I Don’t Want You To Go” – UNC Loreleis (from Take a Big Whiff!)
  • Jennifer Stephens for “I Love Rock and Roll” – Clemson Take Note (from On the M60)
  • Sara Chase for “I’m So Excited” – BU Terpsichore (from Ocean View)

Female Collegiate Arrangement

  • “Are You Happy Now?” by Catherine Cheng – UNC Loreleis (from Take a Big Whiff!)
  • “Beautiful Day” by Blaire Reinhard – UVA Sil’Hooettes (from Tangled)
  • “Scarborough Fair” by Tina Lin – UCLA Random Voices (from Danger: Curves Ahead)
  • “Song for a Winter’s Night” by Kate Marshall – Tufts Jackson Jills (from Headcase)
  • “They Say Vision” by Cathryn Masuda and Katie Sippel – USC Sirens (from Tied to the Mast)

High School Album

  • ‘Til Dawn – Songs  In the Key of Awesome
  • Acappella Anonymous – Got Harmony?
  • Fourthwatch – Incomplete
  • Tone AppÉtit – The Pink Album

High School Song

  • “Bittersweet Symphony” – Joint Sound (from 100% A Cappella)
  • “Change” – Fourthwatch (from Incomplete)
  • “Drive My Car” – Acappella Anonymous (from Got Harmony?)
  • “Love Is A Good Thing” – ‘Til Dawn (from Songs In the Key of Awesome)

This year, 60 fans and performers of varied backgrounds were chosen from over 150 applicants to spend months considering each of the albums submitted to the CARAs. Anyone holding a current or former affiliation with a group under consideration is not allowed to take part in the consideration of that award.

The 2005 CARA coordinators were Julia Hoffman and Jon Pilat.
They oversaw the 60 nominators including:
Erin Armstrong, Vicky Boechler, Kurt Boutin, Greg Brown,William Byrd, Greg Campbell, Jeffrey Carter, Mark Cary, Mark Chen, Dennis Cook, Sean Dargie,  Michael DeLaura, Jason Dennis, Joshua Diamant, Kevin Doherty, Michael Feldman, Brad Ford, Reena Freedman, Kenton Gidewall,Ariel Glassman, Seth Golub, Darrin Gowan, Adam Hall, Hank Hedges, Seth Herring, Robert Hooper, Jared Irish, Susan Ives, Thomas King, Valerie Kolko, David LaBar, Sean Lynch, Jessie Maltin, Mark Manley, Ronald Manning, Amy Merrill, Daniel Monek, Erika Mozer, Jennifer Nycz, Ahren Okamoto, Jon Pilat, Gautam Raghavan, Sebastian Rilton, Paul Sale, Jamie Saucier, Christopher Saulnier, Cal Sexton, Carolyn Sexton, Corey Slutsky, Beth Smith, Lyle Southam, Stuart Spencer, David Stadtmauer,  Randi Stanley, Jeff Swearingen, J.R.Thomas, Hong Tat Tong, Wendy Whitby, Guang Ming Whitley and Paul Wolf.

Thank you all for your many hours of work! You are much appreciated!