2003 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Results


Artist of the Year

winner: Da Vinci’s Notebook
first runner up: The Magnets

Best Pop/Rock Album

winner: Toxic Audio - Chemistry
first runner up: Blue Jupiter - Ear Candy

Best Pop/Rock Original Song

winner: The Magnets - "Better Than That" (from Young Voices)
runner up: Toxic Audio - "Putting Words Into My Mouth" (from Chemistry)

Best Pop/Rock Cover Song

winner: Rock4 - "Uninvited" (from Pure)
runner up: Toxic Audio - "She blinded me with Science" (from Chemistry)

Best Doo-Wop Album

winner: The Mighty Echoes - Acappella Doo-Wop 2
runner up:The Blue Stars - Acappella: Rhapsody in Harmony

Best Doo-Wop Song

winner: The Dachays - "Teardrops" (from Vintage)
runner up: The Mighty Echoes - "What time is it ?"

Best Barbershop Album

winner: Autograph - After the lovin'
runner up: The Ritz - Puttin' on the Ritz

Best Barbershop Song

winner: The Ritz - "No No, Nora" (from Puttin' on The Ritz)
runner up: Sound Design - "Oh, You beautiful Doll" (from Peel me and grape)

Best Jazz Album

winner: Just 4 Kicks - Kick in the Pants
runner up: Urban Voices - the gang

Best Jazz Song

winner: The Swingle Singers - "The Lady is a Tramp" (from Mood Swings)
runner up: Urban Voices - "When I fall in love" (from the gang)

Best Folk/World Album

winner: Kitka - The Vine
runner up: Coco's Lunch - A whole new way of getting dressed

Best Folk/World Song

winner: Coco's Lunch - "Thulele Mama Ya" (from A whole new way of getting dressed)
runner up: Kitka - "Shen Khar Venakhi" (from The Vine)

Best Classical Album

winner: The Real Group - Stämning
runner up: Anonymous 4 - La Bele Marie

Best Classical Song

winner: The Gents - "Ave Maria" (from The gentlemen of the Capel Royal)
runner up: The Real Group - "En Vänlig Grönskas Rike Dräkt" (from Stämning)

Best Religious Album

winner: Vocolot - Heartbeat
runner up: Straight Company - Courtesy of God

Best Religious Song

winner: Vocolot - "La Comida" (from Heartbeat)
runner up: Acappella - "Jesus knows" (from Live from paris)

Best Christmas Album

winner: The Blenders - When it snows
runner up: Rockapella - Comfort & Joy

Best Christmas Song

winner: The Blenders - "'t was the night" (from When it snows)
runner up: The Magnets - "Tinsel Town" (from Young Voices)

Best Comedy Album

winner: Da Vinci's Notebook - Brontosaurus
runner up: moosebutter - see dee

Best Comedy Song

winner: The Kinsey Sicks - "MCI" (from Sicks in the city)
runner up: moosebutter - "Star Wars" (from see dee)


Best Male Collegiate Album

winner: Darthmouth College Aires - Black Tie Affaire
runner up: Indiana University Straight No Chaser - Thank You

Best Male Collegiate Song

winner: Virginia Tech. Juxtaposition - "Hey Jealousy" (from Homespun)
runner up: MIT Logarhytms - "Black Balloon" (from Superlogs)

Best Male Collegiate Arrangement

winner: Janie's Got A Gun - arr. Adam Green - Darthmouth Cords (from Elements of style)
runner up: Trouble - Arr. Edward Wenger - Darthmouth Aires

Best Male Collegiate Soloist

winner: Chris Quidlat, University of Illinois XTension Chords - "Right Here Waiting" (from Rollin' Up the Sleeves)
runner up: Ian Storey, Darthmouth Aires - "Jeremy"

Best Mixed Collegiate Album

winner: York University Wibijazz'n - In The Pocket
runner up: Tufts University Shir Appeal - Unpealed

Best Mixed Collegiate Song

winner: Tufts University Shir Appeal - "K'mo B'tmunah" (from Like In A Picture)
runner up: York University Wibijazz'n - "Automatic" (from In The Pocket)

Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement

winner: Pinball Number Count - arr. Suba Sankaran - York Univerity Wibijazz'n
runner up: Here With Me - arr. Ethan Baird - Brandeis University Spur of the Moment

Best Mixed Collegiate Soloist

winner: Moran McOwen, University of Pennsylvania Off The Beat - "Mama" (from Take One)
runner up: Becky Rubin, Tufts Amalgamates - "Killing Me Softly" (from Bamboo)

Best Female Collegiate Album

winner: University of Southern California Sirens - Nectar & Ambrosia
runner up: University Of Virginia Sil'hooettes - After Shock

Best Female Collegiate Song

winner: USC Sirens - "Girl From The Gutter" (from Nectar & Ambrosia)
runner up: UVA Sil'hooettes - "Two Satellites" (from After Shock)

Best Female Collegiate Arrangement

winner: Beautyful - arr. Melanie Nyema and Guang Ming Easlon - USC Sirens
runner up: It's Love - arr. Dionna Avery and Sarah Sutton - Tufts Essence (from At Last)

Best Female Collegiate Soloist

winner: Rachel Roelcke, USC Sirens - "I Never Loved You Anyway" (from Nectar & Ambrosia)
runner up: Melody Akhavan, UVA Sil'hooetes - "Two Satellites" (from After Shock)

High School

Best High School Album

winner: Accent - Holding Ground
runner up: Classen School of Advanced Studies Tone Appetit - Tone Appetit