2002 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominees

The CARA 2002 Nominees


Artist of the Year:

Gabe Rutman (for producing a goodly number of CARA-nominated and BOCA-selectedgroups)
The Kinsey Sicks (for appearing off-Broadway and in widespread media outlets, ranging from the New York Times to the National Enquirer)
Sixth Wave (for getting their CD into the first round of Grammy consideration while serving as the reigning Harmony Sweeps champs)
Angelina Choo (for promoting a cappella on a national level in Singapore, including producing two compilation CDs and running the A Cappella Fanatix club)

Best Pop/Rock Album:

Tonic Sol-fa - Style http://www.tonicsolfa.com
maybebop - Auf dei ohren http://www.maybebop.dehttp://www.hanno.de/casa/en/band-info.html/maybeBop/Hannover/D
InsideOut - So It Seems http://www.insideout-acappella.com
Ball In The House - The Way It Has To Be http://www.ballinthehouse.com

Best Pop/Rock Original Song:

InsideOut - Taken Up (from So It Seems) http://www.insideout-acappella.com
Tonic Sol-fa - Na, Na, Na (from Style) http://www.tonicsolfa.com
Ball in the House - Never A Second Embrace (from The Way It Has To Be) http://www.ballinthehouse.com
Dilemma - Wishing (from Dilemma) http://www.dilemma-rocks.com

Best Pop/Rock Cover Song:

Montezuma's Revenge - Power of Love (from Double Density) http://www.montezuma.nl
Hookslide - Dream On (from California Screamin') http://www.hook-slide.com
Random Association - You Win (from Random Sample) http://www.randomassociation.com
Vocal Six - Kiss From A Rose (from Tivoli) http://www.vocalsix.com

Best Doo-Wop Album:

Brylcream - Rockin' the Neighborhood http://www.sssrealty.com/doowop/
The Cadillacs A'Capella - Live (no web site found)
The Cadillacs A'Capella - One Song Shy (no web site found)
The Lafaros - Acappella Serenades" http://www.oldies.com/product/index.cfm/id/6152.html

Best Doo-Wop Song:

baSix - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) http://www.basix.dk
Tonic Sol-Fa - Ready-Made (from Style) http://www.tonicsolfa.com
Boyz Nite Out - Only You (from American Vinyl) http://www.boyzniteout.com
The Cadillacs A'Capella - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (from Live) (no web site found)

Best Barbershop Album:

Millennium - Millennium http://www.spebsqsa.org/Harmonizer/millennium.htm
Crystal Clear - Lucky Day http://www.crystalclearquartet.com
Riptide - Wonderful Life http://www.riptidequartet.com
Ambassadors of Harmony - Applause http://www.aoh.org

Best Barbershop Song:

Philharmonix - This Little Piggy Went To Market (from Lazy Day) http://www.philharmonix.info
Millennium - Jezebel (from Millennium) http://www.spebsqsa.org/Harmonizer/millennium.htm
Ambassadors of Harmony - My Honey's Lovin' Arms (from Applause) http://www.aoh.org
Riptide - Fit As a Fiddle/For Me & My Gal medley (from Wonderful Life) http://www.riptidequartet.com

Best Jazz Song:

Idea of North - It's Alright With Me (from The Sum Of Us) http://www.idea.com.au
The Real Group - 'Lil Darlin' (from Allt Det Bästa) http://www.realgroup.se
The Swingle Singers - Fool on The Hill (from Live in Japan) http://www.swinglesingers.com
Sixth Wave - Gimme Some Wine (from Sixth Wave) http://www.6thwave.com

Best Religious Album:

The Firemen - The Firemen http://www.thefiremen.com
Listen Up! - Jewphoria http://www.jewishsong.com
Moses Hogan Singers - Ezekial Saw De Wheel http://www.moseshogan.com
Acappella - Hymns For All The Ages http://www.acappella.com

Best Religious Song:

Mezzo Macho - Brother In Me (from In The Whyland) http://www.mezzomacho.nl
Moses Hogan Singers - Plenty Good Room (from Ezekial Saw De Wheel) http://www.moseshogan.com
Acappella - In The Cross (from Hymns for all the Ages) http://www.acappella.com
Tonic Sol Fa - Go Tell It On The Mountain (from Style) http://www.tonicsolfa.com

Best Folk/Music From Around The World Album:

Vocal Sampling - Cambio de Tiempo http://www.vocalsampling.net
Mayim - Soul Song ( no web site found - San Francisco area trio )
Inner Voices - Prairie Jazz http://www.insideout-acappella.com
Derric Johnson's Liberty Voices - A Slice of A Cappella http://www.libertyvoices.com

Best Folk/Music From Around The World Song:

Mayim - Four Stars (from Soul Song) ( no web site found - San Francisco area trio )
Derric Johnson's Liberty Voices - Give Me Your Tired (from ASlice of A Cappella) http://www.libertyvoices.com
Vocal Sampling - Un Son pa' Cantar (from Cambio de Tiempo) http://www.vocalsampling.net
Eclipse - Danny Boy (from Once) http://www.eclipsesingers.com

Best Classical Album:

Ensemble Amarcord - Hear the Voice and Prayer http://www.amarcord.de
Seattle Pro Musica - Alnight By The Rose http://www.seattlepromusica.org
Lumen Valo - Gravity http://www.lumenvalo.fi
Lionheart - Palestrina: Soul of Rome http://www.chantboy.com/lionheart

Best Classical Song:

Ov'è, lass', il bel viso? - Seattle Pro Musica (from Alnight By The Rose) http://www.seattlepromusica.org
Tenebrae - Ensemble Amarcord (from Hear the Voice and Prayer) http://www.amarcord.de
Rest - Lumen Valo (from Gravity) http://www.lumenvalo.fi
Wasserfahrt - Ensemble Amarcord (from insalata a cappella) http://www.amarcord.de

Best Holiday Album:

Four Shadow - Flake http://www.fourshadow.com
New Tradition - A Holiday Tradition http://www.newtradition.org
Ensemble Amarcord - In Adventu Domini http://www.amarcord.de
Chanticleer - Christmas With Chanticleer http://www.chanticleer.org

Best Holiday Song:

Vocaluptuous - Joyful, Joyful/Joy to the World (medley) (from Mistletoe) http://vocaluptuous.talentpage.com
New Tradition Chorus - Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy (medley) (from A Holiday Tradition) http://www.newtradition.org
Four Shadow - That Time of Year (from Flake) http://www.fourshadow.com
Heart of Texas Chorus - O Come All Ye Faithful (from Joy to the World) http://www.hotchorus.org

Best Comedy Song:

The Home Depot Song - Ron Feingold (from Solo Effort) http://dimensional.com/~gcr/comedy
Arrest This Bearded Gentleman - The Heebee-jeebees (from Falalalala!) http://www.heebee-jeebees.com
Grapefruit Diet - Acappella Gold (from Pure Gold) http://www.acappellagold.com
Let's All Make Money at Christmas - The Heebee-jeebees (from Falalalala!) http://www.heebee-jeebees.com

Best High School Album:

Middlesex School A Cappella (multiple groups) - Tonal Deconstruction
http://www.middlesex.edu/curriculum/music.html (school site)
Lexington High School (multiple groups) - LHS A cappella 2001 http://lhs.lexingtonma.org/Dept/FineArts (school site)
Piedmont High School Troubadours - Steal Away http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/phs (school site)
School for Creative and Performing Arts Baby Grands - How Can I Keep From Singing?

Music for Kids

Little Bunny Foo-Foo - Happy Campers (from The Sing-Along Survival Guide) (produced by Jeremy and Shalisa James of Toxic Audio - http://www.toxicaudio.com )
Scooby Doo, Where Are You? - Tonic Sol Fa (from Style) http://www.tonicsolfa.com
Camp Minnie Mickey Medley - Happy Campers (from The Sing-Along Survival Guide) (produced by Jeremy and Shalisa James of Toxic Audio- http://www.toxicaudio.com )
A Little Bit of Rock - The Chromatics (from Astrocappella II) http://www.thechromatics.com


Best Female Collegiate Album:

Indiana Ladies First - Ticket to Anywhere http://www.indiana.edu/~alumni/programs/ladiesfirst.html
UVA Virginia Belles - Aurora http://www.student.virginia.edu/~belles
Duke Out of the Blue - Take Nine http://www.duke.edu/web/OOTB
Brown Chattertocks - Classic http://www.brown.edu/Students/Chattertocks

Best Female Collegiate Song:

Duke out of the Blue - Eve (from Take Nine) http://www.duke.edu/web/OOTB
Smith Smithereens - Mummer's Dance (from Thrilled) http://www.smith.edu/smithereens
Cornell Nothing But Treble - Corazón Salvaje (from Breaking the Ice) http://www.rso.cornell.edu/nbt
Indiana Ladies First - Ready to Run (from Ticket to Anywhere) http://www.indiana.edu/~alumni/programs/ladiesfirst.html

Best Female Collegiate Arrangement:

Katie & Mandy Nalevanka - Heart of Mine (Cornell After 8)(from Out Late) http://www.rso.cornell.edu/After8
Stephanie Geber - Mya Mix (Indiana Ladies First) (from Ticket to Anywhere) http://www.indiana.edu/~alumni/programs/ladiesfirst.html
Missy Khan - Corazón Salvaje (Cornell Nothing but Treble) (from Breaking the Ice) http://www.rso.cornell.edu/nbt
Randi Reiner - If You're Gone (Duke Out of the Blue) (from Take Nine) http://www.duke.edu/web/OOTB

Best Female Collegiate Soloist:

Rachael Stuarte (for Always Be My Baby) - University of Connecticut Chordials (from All Girls, All The Time) ( web site not working )
Samantha Nelson (for Ain't Too Proud to Beg) - University of Rochester Vocal Point (from Signs Point To...) http://www.sa.rochester.edu/vocalpt/
Caroline deLima (for Ready to Run) - Indiana Ladies First (from Ticket to Anywhere) http://www.indiana.edu/~alumni/programs/ladiesfirst.html
Randi Reiner (for Eve) - Duke Out of the Blue (from Take Nine) http://www.duke.edu/web/OOTB

Best Mixed Collegiate Album:

UCLA Awaken A Cappella - Pitch Slapped http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/awaken
Stanford Everyday People - Extended Play http://www.everydaypeople.org
UPenn Off the Beat - Off the Beat http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~otb
Stanford Harmonics - Phonoshop http://www.stanfordharmonics.com

Best Mixed Collegiate Song:

USC SoCal VoCals - Total Eclipse of the Heart (from V3: Previously Unreleased) http://www.scvocals.com
Washington University Mosaic Whispers - Uninvited (from Against the Grain) http://www.mosaicwhispers.com
Stanford Everyday People - Spend My Life With You (from Extended Play) http://www.everydaypeople.org
UCLA Awaken A Cappella - The Ladder (from Pitch Slapped) http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/awaken

Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement:

Jon Pilat - We Are In Love (Stanford Harmonics) (from Phonoshop) http://www.stanfordharmonics.com
Christopher Harrison, Gabriel Hendifar, Will Heermance -Fast As You Can (UCLA Awaken A Cappella) (from Pitch Slapped) http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/awaken
Dan Leberman, Abby Schneiderman - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) (UPenn Off the Beat) (from Off the Beat) http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~otb
Julie Moffitt - Drive Me Crazy (USC SoCal VoCals) (from V3: Previously Unreleased) http://www.scvocals.com

Best Mixed Collegiate Soloist:

Nathan Reed (for I Do) - Stanford Everyday People (from Extended Play) http://www.everydaypeople.org
Jason McNeely (for Why Should I Cry For You) - Harvard Opportunes (from Turn and Go) http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~opportun
Soneela Nonkani (for Wade in the Water) - UPenn Counterparts (from X) http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~cparts
Morgan Mcowen (for I Will Love Again) - UPenn Off the Beat (from Off the Beat) http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~otb

Best Male Collegiate Album:

UNC Clefhangers - Elevation http://www.clefhangers.com
UVA Hullabahoos - Xerox Nation http://scs.student.virginia.edu/~bhoos
Tufts Beelzebubs - Next http://www.bubs.com
UVA Academical Village People - Room Zero http://www.student.virginia.edu/~acadvil

Best Male Collegiate Song:

UNC Clefhangers -Father Figure http://www.clefhangers.com
Tufts Beelzebubs - Bills, Bills, Bills (from Next) http://www.bubs.com
Wake Forest Chi Ro - Drive (from Free) http://www.wfu.edu/~chirho
UVA Hullabahoos - Everything You Want (from Xerox Nation) http://www.student.virginia.edu/~acadvil

Best Male Collegiate Arrangement:

Ed Boyer - Bills, Bills, Bills (Tufts Beelzebubs) (from Next) http://www.bubs.com
Mark Manley - Just the Two of Us (UVA Academical Village People) (from Room Zero) http://www.student.virginia.edu/~acadvil
John Niekrasz - Strange Meadow Lark (Stanford Fleet StreetSingers) (from Fearless) http://www.fleetstreet.com
Eric Fosbury - Wild Wild West (Buffalo Chips) (fromUnplugged) http://www.ubchips.com

Best Male Collegiate Soloist:

Jeff Hall (for All Out of Love) - UVA Hullabahoos (from Xerox Nation) http://scs.student.virginia.edu/~bhoos
Mike Daguiso (for I Want You Back) - UVA Academical Village People (from Room Zero) http://www.student.virginia.edu/~acadvil
Matt Johnson (for In Your Eyes) - Wake Forest Chi Ro (from Free) http://www.wfu.edu/~chirho
Isaac Brody (for Disco Inferno) - Tufts Beelzebubs (from Next) http://www.bubs.com