1998 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominees


Artist of the Year:
Louis Botto & Chanticleer
Bobby McFerrin & Circle Song Singers
Paul Simon
Vox One

Best Pop/Rock Album:
A'ka'pella - Vox Polish
De Vacaciones - Vocal Sampling
I Brow Club - The Bobs
Ignition - STREETNiX

Best Pop/Rock Song:
La Fiesta Ya Empezo - Vocal Sampling
Hush - Spiral Mouth
Lift Up - Rockapella
Tic Tic Boom - STREETNiX

Best Jazz Album:
Chameleon - Vox One
Just For Kicks - Just 4 Kicks
My Funny Valentine - Western Wind
My Song - Try-Tone

Best Jazz Song:
Chameleon - Vox One
Flat Foot Floogie - Just 4 Kicks
Not Like This - Voice Trek
Swingers - Bobs

Best Doo-Wop/R&B Album:
Nu-Wop - The Knudsen Brothers
Philadelphia - Frankie & the Fashions
Sing Love Ballads - The Delmonicos
Street Sounds - Special Feature

Best Doo-Wop/R&B Song:
A Song From The Fifties - Special Feature
Blue Suede Shoes/Hound Dog - Knudsen Brothers
In The Midnight Hour - Fourth Avenue
Solitare - Valentinos

Best Barbershop Album:
Basin Street Blues - Nightlife
Confirmed - Rumors
Diamond Cuts - Marquis
How Sweet The Sound - Vocal Majority
Lonely At The Top - Weekend Edition

Best Barbershop Song:
'Cross the Mason-Dixon Line - Nightlife
I Can Dream, Can't I - Rumors
With A Song In My Heart - Marquis
You'll Never Walk Alone - Vocal Majority

Best Religious Album:
Acappella Hymns - Haven Ministries
Front Porch Music - Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir
Heavenly - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - Fairfield Four

Best Religious Song:
Help for the Needy Today - Fairfield Four
Ilungelo Ngelako - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Lord's Prayer - King's Singers
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - St Olaf Choir

Best Folk Album:
Behold! - Linda Hirschhorn and Vocolot
Celtic Mouth Music - Various
Driving Home -Artisan
Wondrous Love - Chanticleer

Best Folk Song:
El Paisanito - Canto Nono
Eretz Shiv'at Haminim - Vocolot
Fuga Campesina - Voces
Mabel - Artisan

Best Classical Album:
The Choral Music of Rene Clausen - Concordia Choir
11,000 Virgins - Anonymous Four
Paradise Road Soundtrack - Women's Choir of Haarlem, Holland
A Rose In Winter - Dale Warland Singers

Best Classical Song:
Abenlied - King's Singers
Hymn to the Mother of God - Dale Warland Singers
The Last Invocation - Concordia Choir
Tonight, Eternity Alone - Concordia Choir

Best Holiday Album:
All I Want For Christmas - Hampton Avenue
En Riktig Jul - The Real Group
Nog - The Blenders
Waiting Under The Mistletoe - Heebee-Jeebees

Best Holiday Song:
I'll Miss You this Christmas - Hampton Avenue
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer - Blenders
Snowflakes - SoVoSó
Stilla Natt - Real Group

Best Humorous Song:
Boxing Day Blues - Heebee-Jeebees
Liposuction - Da Vinci's Notebook
Help, I'm Turning into my Parents - Weekend Edition
Vapor Carioca - Bobs

(The House Jacks and their album Funkwich are not being considered to avoid any appearance of impropriety)


Best Female Collegiate Album:
Musings - BU Terpsichore
Nieto's Tribe - BC Sharps
Peripheral Vision - Duke Out of the Blue
Take It To The Bridge - Brown Chattertocks

Best Female Collegiate Song:
Crazy Mary - BU Terpsichore
Elsewhere - Brown Chattertocks
I Am So Ordinary - BU Terpsichore
Train in Vain - Duke Out of the Blue

Best Female Collegiate Arrangement:
Alphabet St. - Brown Chattertocks
Groove is in the Heart - BU Terpsichore
I'll Be There - BC Sharps
Least Complicated - Colgate Swinging 'Gates

Best Female Collegiate Soloist:
Ceylan Akturk - BU Terpsichore
Sridevi Donepudi - Wash. U. Greenleafs
Amanda Hawk - Brown Chattertocks
Amanda Low - Princeton Tigerlillies

Best Mixed Collegiate Album:
Candy for the Children - Harvard-Radcliffe Opportunes
Escalator Music - Stanford Harmonics
Housekeeping - U. Penn Counterparts
No Static - U. Penn Off the Beat

Best Mixed Collegiate Song:
Fall From Grace - U. Penn Off the Beat
Ladder - BC Acoustics
One of Us - U. Penn Counterparts
Who Will Save Your Soul - U. Penn Off the Beat

Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement:
Blood of Eden - U. Penn Off the Beat
Free - U. Penn Off the Beat
If it Makes You Happy - U. Penn Counterparts
Love Fool - SoCal Vocals

Best Mixed Collegiate Soloist:
Allison Deutermann - U. Penn Off the Beat
Fran Gendrano - BC Acoustics
Alex Jarige - U. Penn Off the Beat
John Stephens - U. Penn Counterparts

Best Male Collegiate Album:
Chockablock - Yale Whiffenpoofs
Eighps - Middlebury Dissipated Eight
Nightcap - The Brown Derbies
You'd Be Surprised How Well It Fits - Virginia Hullabahoos

Best Male Collegiate Song:
Hands to Heaven - Virginia Hullabahoos
In the House of Stone & Light - The Brown Derbies
Satellite - Middlebury Dissipated Eight
Shakedown Street - Washington U. Pikers

Best Male Collegiate Arrangement:
I Am the Walrus - Tufts Beelzebubs
Sledgehammer - Tufts Beelzebubs
Try Not to Breathe - Middlebury Dissipated Eight
Who Are You? - The Brown Derbies

Best Male Collegiate Soloist:
Joel Begleiter - The Brown Derbies
Andrew Breen - Virginia Hullabahoos
Samrat Chakrabarti - Brandeis VoiceMale
Justin Goldman - Rochester Yellowjackets