LAAF 2021 Virtual Scholastic Competition Submission

Dates to Remember

  • February 12th, 2021: Submission deadline.
  • Week of Feb 15th, 2021: Competitors announced.
  • ELIGIBILITY UPDATE: Due to the pandemic and the challenges groups are facing to perform and stay active virtually, we've made some modifications to our normal eligibility requirements for the scholastic competition. Groups will now only be required to have 50% of their members purchase All-Access Passes to qualify for the competition. For questions regarding eligibility or All-Access Passes, please contact


Questions? Email Matt, our Competition Director, at

Groups are eligible to apply for the 2021 LAAF Scholastic Competition if they are made up entirely of full-time students OR are a recognized student group affiliated with a high school, college or university and adhere to college/university student group bylaws. Groups that are formed with the intention to earn a profit, provide mentorship and coaching, or otherwise seek to book headlining performances are not qualified to apply for the scholastic competition, but are encouraged to engage the LAAF production team for other opportunities. All questions regarding this rule should be directed to a LAAF 2021 producer.

Here’s what we are looking for from you:


It can be a live performance (remember when those were a thing?), a set of produced songs, or a new format entirely (perhaps one highlighting the myriad of ways we’ve all developed to stay in touch this year). Whatever you choose to submit- give us everything you’ve got because this will be the video submitted for the competition! This video should be a genuine representation of your group, so show us what makes you different! If you only need one arrangement to do so — so be it. However, as this is an all-voices competition, your music submissions must be a cappella, and the video must have been released no earlier than 01/01/2020. All arrangements, production, and material will be considered. Arranging/Production is not required to be done within the group- external or commissioned arrangements/production are permitted. Video submissions not fitting the time restraints or submitted without purchasing All-Access Passes to the festival for the group could result in disqualification. Remember, the more creative/visually impactful your video is, the better it will translate and stick with the viewers.

Once your video has been reviewed and potentially selected for the competition, the Competition Director will reach out to you and request a high-resolution version of your submission that will be edited together and shown/judged during LAAF 2021. Winners will be announced on the day of the competition!


Make sure that you title the video ‘LAAF 2021 Scholastic Competition – (Insert your group name here)’, and make sure to use the video info section of the uploader to indicate your school and title/arranger/soloist for each arrangement on the recording. Please also include a roster of those appearing in the video. The Competition Selection Committee is different than the Competition Judges and the latter won’t see your work until it comes time to score the finalists. Please make sure that you set your submission on Youtube to unlisted.


Make sure to include all requested information and paste in a link to your YouTube video. Your group's info and video link will be sent to a diverse committee that will choose the final groups.


LAAF All-Access Passes are now available for purchase here. Please note: 50% OF YOUR GROUP MUST PURCHASE WEEKEND PASSES TO BE CONSIDERED TO COMPETE. All tickets are non-refundable, so make sure you have your ducks in a row before you buy. For questions regarding eligibility or All-Access Passes, please contact




  • This person will be the point of contact for all communications between the Competition Director and your group.
  • Please make sure to submit an "Unlisted" link to your video on Youtube. Those who are selected for the LAAF 2021 Virtual Competition will be asked to submit high-res versions of this video submission once chosen.
  • Please make this image as high-res as possible, it may be used to announce your selection to the competition and highlight your group on social media!
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 64 MB.
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