Part scavenger hunt, part Instagram Story challenge, we’ve created 25 fun missions to get you meeting other LAAF attendees, staff members, performers, and more! The team or individual that finishes the most challenges by 12pm Sunday 2/19 wins! Do you have what it takes to win the #LAAFChallenge?


Take a picture or video of you/your group completing a task. You get FOUR percentage points per task when you post to you/your group's Instagram Story if you:

  1. Overlay the Task # ON the photo or video
  2. Tag @laacafest
  3. Use the hashtag #LAAFChallenge

Our moderator will track posts and update the leaderboard periodically throughout the weekend. The individual or group with the most points by noon on Sunday is the winner!


  • Task 13 (in the middle) is mandatory
  • Each photo or video that you post can only apply to one task
  • "A different group" can be just a few people from a group

Email [email protected] and [email protected] with any questions!

Mission 1

Find a Producer

#1 Take a picture with a LAAF Producer!

Mission 2

Out of State

#2 Take a picture with a group from a different state than you!

Mission 3

Learnin' Stuff

#3 Create a short compilation video of your group attending 4 different classes

Mission 4

Om nom nom

#4 Take a picture with your group at the food truck or bake stand!

Mission 5

So Professional

#5 Take a picture getting a thumbs up from a headliner or featured educator

Mission 6

Party On

#6 Take a video of your group hangin’ at a LAAF Afterparty

Mission 7

LAAF & Repeat

#7 Take a video with someone who has attended LAAF at least 4 times

Mission 8

AVA Nominee

#8 Take a picture with one of this year’s AVA nominees

Mission 9

BOSS Time!

#9 Take a picture with a group going to BOSS

Mission 10

We <3 MDs

#10 Take a picture with 3 music directors from 3 different groups

Mission 11


#11 Create a video singing along to an acabomb of another group

Mission 12


#12 Create a video of your group dancing to an acabomb

Mission 13

CASA Banner

#13 Pose for a pic in front of the CASAbanner 

Mission 14

boots 'n cats

#14 Create a video with beatboxers from 3 different groups.. beatboxing!

Mission 15

Sing It!

#15 Video singing a new 10-30 second arrangement with another group

Mission 16

So Competitive

#16 Take a picture with a competing group

Mission 17

Showin' Off

#17 Take a picture with a showcase group

Mission 18


#18 Take a picture with a past LAAF competition winning group and tag the year!


Mission 19

Time to Refuel

#19 Take a picture sharing a Saturday meal with another group 

Mission 20


#20 Go to brunch with another group on Sunday morning 

Mission 21


#21 Video doing a recent tiktok trend with another group

Mission 22

Time to Relax

#22 Take a video chillin’ on the beach or at a local park

Mission 23

TY Sponsors!

#23 Visit one of our food sponsors locations

Mission 24

Find Your Voice

#24 Chat with VocalMist or Acaville about what they do!

Mission 25

Meet your EP!

#25 Find your LAAF Executive Producer, Jessie!


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  • Team 2

  • Team 3

  • Team 4

  • Team 5