Vox Populi Project

Vox Populi Project


Vox Populi Project (VPP) is the most daring Mexican vocal band in recent years, without fear of breaking the rules and reaching the limits of the human voice.

Its sound is the mixture of the talent of each of the members, with the style of its director Julio Morales, achieving a unique and authentic sound identity that mixes pop, jazz and Mexican music.

VPP has performed at the best international vocal music festivals in Mexico: Tlaxcala Canta, UNAM International Festival of University Choirs, as well as at cultural and musical festivals such as the Festival of Mayan Culture and the Cordoba Jazz Festival; including various international tours through Ecuador, Argentina, USA, Germany, France, Poland and Spain.

They have won different awards such as the 2nd Place in the Festival of University Choirs of the University of Veracruz, 3rd Place in the International Choir Competition "Tlaxcala Canta," and 1st Place in the International Competition of Vocal Ensembles Jalisco Canta.

In 2018 they presented their LP Esencial, achieving great acceptance with the public and sales in different countries around the world.

Currently VPP is currently producing their first original music EP. They will release their first original single in June 2021.