Six Appeal

Six Appeal


Six Appeal is a professional six-part a cappella group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, touring nationally in the United States and performing around 150 shows a year.

Six Appeal began in 2006 at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. Growing into a professional ensemble based in Minneapolis in 2010, Six Appeal transformed their sound and style, adding new full-time members and expanding their area of influence.

In 2012, they won the title of National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, securing their place in the a cappella community. For the next several years, the group began touring farther and farther away from home, performing for larger and more diverse crowds.

In the Spring of 2018, the group travelled to Moscow, Russia where they competed and won the Grand Prize title of the world’s largest a cappella competition. They returned the following year to an even bigger competition where they successfully defended their title.

At the beginning of 2020, Six Appeal introduced their first female members, advancing into the new decade with a wider range of songs, talent, and voices.

In addition to performing around the world, Six Appeal has a passion for sharing their love of a cappella music with every audience; an essential aspect of their ongoing mission is to empower young singers in their educational outreach program.


Virginia Cavaliere   treble

Mel Daneke  treble

Jordan Roll  tenor

Michael Brookens   tenor

Jeff Gavin   bass

Andrew Berkowitz   vocal percussion