POSTYR – a modern a cappella group from Aarhus consisting of 5 singers – has emerged from a desire to renew and develop the vocal music scene in Denmark and abroad.

In the past 11 years, we have performed more than 500 concerts and travelled around most of the world with our microphones and songs. We are still here! And we are well into the process of writing the next chapters of the Postyr-story with new songs and productions with songs like No Home Without You, Broken Parts (nominated for 4 AVA Awards in 2020), and Dybe Fodspor – our first song in Danish.


In the songs we write, we combine our voices with effects, loops and computer generated layers. Our sound-universe is inspired by artists such as Björk, Bon Iver and Jessie Ware and thus it ranges from electronically produced songs to strictly acoustical 5-part a cappella arrangements. The singers of POSTYR take turn to take the lead in the music and share their thoughts and personal stories in the between the songs, which gives the music a touch of singer-songwriting. Combined with our work with the computer’s possibilities of manipulations and enhancing of our five voices, we create full-bodied arrangement of our songs and play creatively with features like autone, looping, live-sampling and delays in our live-shows.

The voice is probably the one instrument in the world, which has the most varied timbre. Some are beautiful and others are sharp and edgy, like so much else in life. If we want the music to reflect, who we are, we have to be honest and make room for beauty, enthusiasm, sadness, the hard and the brittle. Somewhere between the words, the tones, the melodies, the natural immediacy of the voices and the mechanical precision of the computer we chase a nerve and an expression that is hard to put into words but which everybody can feel, when we nail it. That’s Postyr at our best.



The singers in POSTYR grew up with vocal and choral music and they met in the inspiring musical environment around the world-renowned Danish choir, Vocal Line, and the award winning vocal group, Vox 11. The singers of Postyr are all graduates of the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark.


Tine Fris  soprano

Line Groth  alto

Lucas Tuan Minh Hoang  tenor

Anders Hornshøj Laugesen  baritone

Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning  bass & laptop