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If you're seeking some 1-on-1 feedback on a particular topic, or if you would like to participate in limited-registration classes—you've come to the right place! Sign up for one of the sessions listed below by 11:59PM ET, Thursday, April 29.

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  • Songwriting 102

    Up to 5 participants (or more if time allows) may sign up to workshop an original song in this open class session. Must be able to provide lyrics and present the song in some way – prerecorded or live during the session. NOTE: Some kind of harmonic context is ideal (play a chordal instrument or a backing track), but not required—especially if you've only written a lyric!

    Amy Engelhardt Amy Engelhardt

  • 1-on-1 Arranging

    Katherine Bodor Katherine Bodor
    Ruben Smits Ruben Smits

  • 1-on-1 Vocal Percussion

    Beejul Khatri Beejul Khatri